Who are we?

An active network of senior consultants in leadership

With more than 25 years executive and consulting experience, Personago combines deep insight with real-world operational experience to develop bespoke, yet practical leadership and talent management solutions with high, sustainable impact.

Personago has a particular interest in working with multinational organisations (private as well as public sector) embracing authentic leadership and encouraging diversity. We love to challenge our clients in the area of talent management strategy, talent identification, authentic leadership development, talent engagement, competency management, succession planning and diversity management.

Personago’s passion for solving client issues through creative thinking and sustainable solutions define their working methods and consulting style. Personago is a strong ambassador of using cross-cultural, modern, valid and reliable assessment and development tools, developed by behavioural scientists.

Partnering with leading organisations

Personago is partnering extensively with leading organisations, in the private sector as well as in the international public sector. Personago is known for their 'boutique consultancy' approach, using a humourful blend of professionalism and customer intimacy.

Reinder Van der Schaaf, Partner Executive Assessments

Korn Ferry

In my previous company, I have invited Koenraad several times to step in and help me in facilitating leadership development workshops in the Nordic countries. Especially the workshops in Stavanger and Trondheim we delivered together for a Norwegian multinational are close to my heart as the participants loved to challenge us, the Dutch and the Belgian consultants-extraverts, to step out of our comfort zone as well. The chemistry worked and we delivered many assignments together all over Europe, UAE and Malaysia.

Assignments all over Europe..and beyond

Personago has delivered assignments all over Europe, from Helsinki to Athens. Furthermore, Personago has helped clients in assessing and developing their talents in US, CIS, UAE, Asia (India, Malaysia and Singapore), enjoying deeply the cultural richness and the diversity of talents.