How do we work?

Sharing the same passion and methodology

Personago is like an ecosystem: the harvest of 30 ears of field experience is a large, international network of senior experts in the area of talent management and leadership development.

Depending on the size and the scope of the assignments, Personago stands for a workforce of senior experts, delivering the job wherever and whenever.

Leadership Assessment centres

Personago works closely with local, senior consultants, providing the needed local industrial knowledge and know-how. Personago has developed several leadership assessment formats, using a plethora of leadership skills interviews, business cases, role plays and personality assessments. Personago guarantees seasoned assessors, trained in the same methodology.

Leadership Development Programs

Personago has a partnership with 2 experts in leadership: Koen Marichal, author of 2 books on leadership and Ivo Brughmans, author of several books on paradoxical leadership. These partnerships allow Personago to develop leadership development program formats, integrating modern leadership theories into business practice. As there is nothing so practical as a good theory..

Assessment tools

Personago has a partnership with CaPPr, providing modern and state-of-the-art assessment tools, benefiting from scientific research. We handle personality tools with care, valuing highly and investing in valid and reliable tools, developed by behavioural scientists. We keep abreast of the latest developments, as 'a fool with a tool is still a fool..'

Yulia Karaseva

We have been working together on assessments in the steel industry in Ukraine and even celebrated Koenraad’s birthday in this special setting. I have also invited Koenraad to speak at a Russian Hr conference in Moscow and he was able to inspire the HR-public, challenging them to rethink and renew their assessment approaches and methodology.  Thanks to our contacts, I also went to Brussels to work with him and his team for a few months, deepening my knowledge in the world of talent management and assessment.