What do we bring?

The Founder: Proven track record

Koenraad holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Sexuology (University of Leuven, Belgium). He completed a fellowship program in couple therapy at the University of Zürich (Prof. J. Willi). He holds a postgraduate degree in HRM and corporate governance (Antwerp Management School). He is a certified user in assessment tools and certified trainer in people managements skills.

Sune Malmgren, Managing Partner

Hucama Danmark

We have been working together in Denmark on several assessment and leadership development projects on senior management level and I am keeping warm memories of this fruitful collaboration. And we are still partners in crime, helping out my clients here on the Danish market. One thing that springs to my mind were our multiple trips to Bangalore, helping out a Danish bank in talent management, assessing leaders in India and overcoming cultural differences. Together with the global and local HR-people we have developed an assessment approach, making use of valid and reliable assessment tools and processes.  

From academic research to business practice

Koenraad started his career as research assistant at the University of Louvain. After his military service as recruitment and selection officer, he became a headhunter on the Belgian market.

Being headhunted himself (thx Amrop!), he joined the international assessment company Cubiks as Country Manager Belgium/Luxembourg in 2002. He became Partner and was responsible for global account management and business development worldwide, while delivering assessment centres and bespoke leadership development programs on senior management level. There, he discovered the importance of a strong, scientific proven methodology, using valid and reliable tools and seasoned assessors. After all, a bad craftsman blames his tools..

Koenraad was co-founder of 'Limits' vzw, established in 1993 in response to the Belgian Royal Decree on tackling unwanted sexual behaviour in private companies. And he was co-founder of HR-technologies (2000), a talent acquisition & recruitment process outsourcing services consultancy. And he was co-founder of Artefacto vzw (2010), bringing people to art and art to people, linking art with business environments.

Focus on leading people in leading organisations

In 2016, he joined PwC, becoming Director People & Organisations.

Since September 2019, Koenraad is building the leadership expert network Personago, being still linked with PwC as Registered Business Representative. He partners with other experts in assessing and developing talents, especially in the domain of leadership. He likes to sustain an ongoing network of experts, helping clients in people issues such as leadership, wherever and whenever.

Personago has developed a particular interest in working with multinational organisations (private as well as public sector) embracing authentic leadership and diversity. Personago loves to challenge their clients in the area of talent management strategy, talent identification, authentic leadership development, talent engagement, competency management, succession planning and diversity management.

Personago’s passion for solving client issues through creative thinking and sustainable solutions define his work and consulting style. Personago has become is a strong ambassador of using cross-cultural, modern, valid and reliable assessment and development tools, developed by behavioural scientists.